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Astrology gives us the opportunity to discover who we are and what we need.  I post a monthly horoscope for each sign.  If you want an in-depth reading based on your natal chart please schedule an appointment click here.

Neptune in Pisces

Venus Eclipse the Sun

Grand Cardinal Cross April 23, 2014

2014 Presidential Candidates
To date:  Cruz, Paul, Scott, Huckabee, Christie, Bush, Clinton

Recent client feedback:

She is so good very caring and accurate

Liz  3/15/14

You predicted a window of opportunity where I could reach my goal to save enough money to relocate to another state.  I am now living atop a beautiful hill in the Allegheny Mountains.  My greenhouse is being delivered this month!  You helped me understand where money and time were being wasted.  You are the best astrologer ever.  I’ve never been happier and neither has my dog.  God Speed.

Mary Beth   2/14/14

I wanted to say that  everything that you said to me in my readings in the past has come to pass.  You predicted a "sudden and unexpected" career opportunity was on the horizon.  Yes indeed!

Heidi   11/28/13

Diane Maree was wonderful. Very direct and to the point. There was no wasted time. I felt like she truly valued my time as well as my money and provided me with accurate information. Not every aspect or transit is going to be all roses and candy and she does an excellent job of conveying what you need to know to get you through successfully. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone seeking assistance.  This horoscope reading was perfectly presented.

Puradiva  2/15/13

Very very nice - accurate on point

Mary 1/10/13

The most informative astrological reading that I ever had. Highly recommended...worth the money. I will definitely be in touch. TY very much!

Kathy   2/27/13

Diane Maree is an experienced astrologer who gave me a thorough natal chart reading and also gave me a forecast that covered the next few years. She was positive and professional and I will definitely be calling again.

Connie   3/16/13

TY. Very accurate in my astrology/horoscope reading. Very content in reader and her abilities were excellent. 

Red  3/30/13

Thank you! Great astrology reading.

Vicky  4/20/13

I always read my horoscope on line, but this was a REAL astrology reading!  Loved it and will be following up in a few months for more insight into my future situaions.  Thanks, Diane Maree, for the enlightenment.

Cissy  5/17/13

I am so happy with the time and money I spent for this astrology reading,  This lady gave me a new lease on life.  Thank you!

Gloria  6/2/13


Monthly Horoscope Predictions For All Signs

"There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life."  ~Varaha Mihira

This monthly horoscope column is based on sun signs.  Read your sun sign and rising sign to get a better understanding of what is happening in your life, or click here to request a personal horoscope reading based on your natal astrological chart.

Monthly Highlights:

April 15th:  Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries will square transiting Pluto
April 15th:  Pluto retrograde at 13 degrees Capricorn

April 15th:  Full Moon Lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Libra

April 21st:  Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn at 13 degrees

April 23rd:  Grand Cardinal Cross exact at 13 degrees (Mars retrograde, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn)

April 29th:  New Moon Solar eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus

Wow!  This is an incredibly active month for all of people around the world as we all are going to be effected one way or another.  All of us have been feeling the build up of this energy for the past two years.  It has been 245 years since humans experienced transits such as the ones we will witness this month.  If we take a look at history, bad governance around the world was shaken off like a bad case of fleas during the mid to late 1700s.

Mars and Pluto are retrograde and squaring each other, so wherever these planets are transiting within your own chart is where you will need to apply patience, organization, awareness and to expect transformation.  When these two malefic planets square each other, transformation occurs through crisis.  The desire to act will be felt by all, so think twice before you do something you may regret.  The USA will experience this transit in the first and tenth houses.  The unemployment situation that has engulfed our lives will be addressed and acted upon by the populace at large.  We the people are going to take matters into our own hands due to the inept governance that is destroying what we have built for ourselves.  Pluto retrograde in our nation’s first house leads me to believe that government is going to back down to the demands of the people.  Many that have taken part in tyranny will be exposed and removed from office….and many will quietly retire to save face.  The American spirit cannot and will not be silenced.  Remember that transformation comes through crisis.

Uranus and Jupiter are in direct motion, so look to see where these planets fall in your chart because expansion is indicated in these areas of your life.  Jupiter square Uranus is a universal aspect where we will witness each individual’s pursuit of personal freedom.  (Electric, weaponry, dynamite, the word of God)  Uranus burns the house down....literally and/or figuratively.  If your intentions are good, expect positive results.  Those that have been underhanded will experience a backlash. This is an incredibly rebellious and forceful aspect and has the potential to bring success for any individual that is willing to act on behalf of oneself.  The USA will experience the effects of this transit in the fourth and seventh houses.  Fabulous new relationships are on the horizon within our nation while ineffective/negative relationships will be left behind.  There are celebrations to be had for Americans in the near future.

The Solar Eclipse on the 29th will occur at 8 degrees Taurus.  This sign, ruled by Venus, represents stability, resources of the Earth, pleasures and the throat.  Look to see where Taurus fall in your chart to note where to expect a return to happiness and luxury. An eclipse closes one door so that another can be opened.  It creates an ending and a new beginning.  If one, or more, of your  natal planets is aspected, you will definitely experience a sudden change in your life .  We will most likely be introduced to a new form of energy, witness a revival in the real estate industry after a complete break down in property values, as well as a revival in the farming industry as Monsanto begins to lose its dominance and largesse.  Organic foods will re enter the market place soon.  Cattle will become an issue of importance.  Investors in this industry will be highlighted. This is a great time to buy non hybrid seeds if you want to grow your own vegetables and fruits.  Barack Obama will experience the eclipse in this third house opposing his natal Neptune in the ninth house and square his Mercury and Sun in the sixth house.  His philosophies will be rebuked and his lies exposed.  His work environment will be strongly effected and the results of the eclipse will steer him in a new direction.  God works in mysterious ways. 


Aries, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your second house of assets, net worth, and self-worth.  Expect the focus of your life to be on this area of your life for the next several months.  This is when you will need to create new budgets, open bank accounts, start financial goals, begin receiving a new salary or wage, create a new revenue stream, etc.  Neptune will help you create new financial structures.   


Taurus, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your first house of self-identity, appearances, and perceptions of yourself, and, how the world perceives you. This is the time to create new beginnings involving you and you and how you present yourself to others.  You will introduce a new you to everyone.  Neptune will help you create the image you want/need to attract new friendships.


Gemini, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your twelfth house of what is but can’t be seen (attitudes, gullibility, intuition, spiritual beliefs, secrets, hospitals and prisons, institutions, and “hidden forces working behind the scenes").  New attitudes, spiritual practices, being charitable to those in hospitals/prisons and your conversation with God will be in focus going forward. Neptune will add creative support in this area.


Cancer, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your eleventh house of friends, teams, clubs, committees, professional associations, networking and group activities.   This is also a good time to make new friends, working on networking projects.  Your focus in life will be in this area of your life for several months to come.  Neptune will be there to help with this new beginning by creating an intuitive understanding in this area of your life.


Leo, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your tenth house of labor and public reputation.  The focus of your life will be in this area of your life for the next several months.  You will be looking for the recognition you have worked so hard to receive in terms of financial raises, promotions and public acclaim.  Neptune will be there to lend creative ideas towards how you use your money to pay off debt.


Virgo, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your ninth house of long distance travel, languages, law, philosophy and long distance travel.  Expect changes in this area of your life going forward for the next several months.  Are you graduating or signing up for a new course of study?  This is a great time to begin a legal case or to plan a trip overseas.  Neptune is here to help you with partnerships and open enemies.  New beginnings with partnerships will begin now.


Libra, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your eighth house of intimacy, joint finances, debt, inheritances, sex, tax and death.  This is a great time to begin a new intimate relationship, pay off creditors, and to accept endings.  Beware taking on new debt at this time. Neptune is sending a blessing from your sixth house which will offer a sense of intuition of what lies ahead in your working environment. 


Scorpio, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your seventh house of marriage, business partners, and open enemies.  This is a when old partnerships end to make room for new partnerships and commitments.  New beginnings will occur between marriage partners.  A rivalry may be exposed, too.  Nothing terrible is influencing this, so you needn’t fear this person. Neptune will send help from your fifth house of happiness and pleasures giving you creativity in the new beginnings concerning this area of your life.


Sagittarius, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your sixth house of work environment, health, and service to others.   This is when new assignments will begin, new employees will show up on the scene, a physical fitness program will begin, as well as a new dietary practice which will lead you into a new fitness program.   Neptune is sextiling this eclipse from your fourth house of home helping to create a sense of family support during this transition. 


Capricorn, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your fifth house of pleasure, lovers, children, pets and happiness.  Any new beginning that brings happiness into your life is encouraged at this time.  Money can be made in these areas, too.  Neptune in your third house is suggesting that communication will help you find success. This might be a good idea to send out your message electronically. 


Aquarius, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your fourth house of real estate, home, ancestry parents and security.   This is a good time to move into a new home, finally find the home you have been looking for, etc.  It is also a good time to your parents to move in with you or to move into your parents’ home.  Neptune is will help by sending financial resources tp help you with these transitions.


Pisces, your monthly horoscope hosts a new moon solar eclipse on April 29th in your third house of communications, short distance travel and siblings.  Whatever has been going on in this area of your life is going to change from one situation to another.  A new computer is on the horizon which will keep you up to date with the changes in the technology industry.  Neptune is going to help you through these changes by bringing a sense of harmony and intuition to any and all negotiations. 

April 2014
Monthly Horoscope Column
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